The Capital Builders: Novelist and Governor General, Lord Tweedsmuir had the common touch

John Buchan scattered clues to his dynamic life throughout his books. Known as Lord Tweedsmuir, Canada’s 15th governor general wrote everything down, chronicling his time in Canada including King George VI’s royal tour in 1939 and his own famous boat ride down the Mackenzie River. He’s best known for his most celebrated novel, The Thirty-Nine Steps, later adapted into a [...]


Ten families bring community together for refugees

It’s a tale of ten families. These ten Centretown families, dubbed the Ottawa Resettlement Effort, are raising money through events in their neighbourhood for a Syrian family to join their community. Most of them are just getting to know each other. “It’s a network of friends-of-friends,” the event's chair Sara Stewart said in an interview. [...]