The Capital Builders: Novelist and Governor General, Lord Tweedsmuir had the common touch

John Buchan scattered clues to his dynamic life throughout his books. Known as Lord Tweedsmuir, Canada’s 15th governor general wrote everything down, chronicling his time in Canada including King George VI’s royal tour in 1939 and his own famous boat ride down the Mackenzie River. He’s best known for his most celebrated novel, The Thirty-Nine Steps, later adapted into a [...]


Trump and Trudeau’s meeting with women entrepreneurs: Political strategy or genuine interest?

Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau gave women a seat at the table during their first meeting. During the round table discussion with top Canadian and American female entrepreneurs including Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, they agreed to fund a committee dedicated to including women in cross-border business opportunities. But to political strategy experts, the meeting had nothing to [...]

Feds dodge questions about U.S asylum seekers

Claims are coming in fast and furious since Donald Trump's so-called travel ban. Watch the full story: "We always understand what people have to go through to seek safety and security," - Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen Between the lines, Hussen believes there's nothing for Canadians to be worried about. The government is already supporting border [...]

Canada grapples with PTSD strategy for first responders

Natalie Harris isn’t afraid to admit the chinks in her armour. As a practicing paramedic, Harris knows how to distance her fears from the stress of the job. But after finding two decapitated women and a man with stab wounds in a Barrie suburb in May 2012, the trauma became too much to bear. “The [...]

Public Policy and young Canadians: Sitting down with Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is not just the Prime Minister, he’s also the Minister of Youth – the first time that such a portfolio has been a full position in cabinet. What is Trudeau’s vision for engaging youth? How will he shape the policies that address the specific challenges young Canadians face today? Carleton University journalism student [...]