Trump and Trudeau’s meeting with women entrepreneurs: Political strategy or genuine interest?

Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau gave women a seat at the table during their first meeting. During the round table discussion with top Canadian and American female entrepreneurs including Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, they agreed to fund a committee dedicated to including women in cross-border business opportunities. But to political strategy experts, the meeting had nothing to [...]


Public Policy and young Canadians: Sitting down with Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is not just the Prime Minister, he’s also the Minister of Youth – the first time that such a portfolio has been a full position in cabinet. What is Trudeau’s vision for engaging youth? How will he shape the policies that address the specific challenges young Canadians face today? Carleton University journalism student [...]

Ten families bring community together for refugees

It’s a tale of ten families. These ten Centretown families, dubbed the Ottawa Resettlement Effort, are raising money through events in their neighbourhood for a Syrian family to join their community. Most of them are just getting to know each other. “It’s a network of friends-of-friends,” the event's chair Sara Stewart said in an interview. [...]